About our Gift Wrap

About our Gift Wrap

All books, even non fiction books, require an enormous amount of creative effort.  The author has to conceive the premise and write the book. The publisher has to map out the look and feel of the fonts and pages. The jacket designer has to compose a cover that is appealing enough for someone to buy it.  After all that, how could we let them down with gift wrap that doesn’t meet the standard?

Here at Stuart Brent, we pride ourselves on our imaginative gift wrapping.  It is usually seasonally themed: at holiday time we use Christmas or Hanukkah wrap.  In February,  red for Valentine’s Day, and on and on.  In January we think of snow, in March, green, both for St. Patrick’s Day and as a harbinger of Spring, and the year turns.

We often use surprising materials in our wrap.  Last summer we used picnic tablecloths.    They were fun and seasonal and an awful lot of work for us. But they looked cute!  We’ve been working on finding a good wrap for September to mimic blackboards, and frankly, we’re still trying.

If you choose the Go Deluxe option, some of your selections will arrive with extra fancy wrapping.  Some will arrive with our regular, beautiful wrapping, but you’ll have extra fancy selections in your package.  For some kids, the fun stuff on the Go Deluxe packages takes the sting out of getting a book and helps make it more likely he or she will read it.  For the avid readers, the lovely editions and/or the additional books are a genuine thrill.

All books shipped from Stuart Brent arrive gift wrapped, with the baby, child, or teenager’s name handwritten on a custom made sticker on the top.  We don’t charge for our service.  It’s part of our conviction that a book is a wonderful thing, a gift to celebrate, and a grand contribution to a person’s inner life.