We seek out for you books which are investments in the human spirit, which delight the mind and feed the soul—books of wit, wisdom and beauty.

How many people do you know whose eyes light up when they remember a book they read in childhood? So many. Perhaps even you. There is something about books loved in childhood that enshrines them in memory forever. It’s that joy, that deeply satisfying joy that you want to share with the children in your life. At SBCBC we call it “Passing on Your Passion”. You love to read. You know how important a great book is when you need it; the inexplicable power of a book to change your life. Introduce those special children in your life to that marvelous experience. The SBCBC seeks to find books of intrinsic value and match them to the children who will love them.

How wonderful it is to give the benefit of your experience to the kids who mean the world to you—whose lives lie before them. How extraordinary it would be to kindle an interest in books which speak to the innermost needs of a teen, challenging them with questions, offering encouragement, showing the way all from the safety of an armchair. Lucky are those kids who face the world armed with the combined experience of the world’s greatest writers—as a gift from you.