Frequently Asked Questions

How old are your members?

We have members as young as newborns building a library, to adults who wish to experience the great classics of childhood that they may have missed. As a testament to our success, the majority of our members remain with the book club into their late teens. Incidentally, a few children currently enrolled in the club are second-generation members!

Do you select books from a set list or catalog?

No, your child’s membership is completely personalized. We hand-select books for each individual member based on his or her age, reading level, and interests. Each of our members is different; what may be appropriate for and of interest to one 11-year-old boy may not be right at all for another, so we don’t limit ourselves to just a few standard books. You could say that our “catalog” is the whole of literature!

What if a member needs to return a book?

Yes, it happens. Sometimes a member will need/want to return a book to us. The details are spelled out on `Book Returns` section, below.

What does the club cost?

We bill your credit card each time we send a book. The price is just the cost of the book plus shipping charges. 99% of the time the total is around $26.95. Books can be sent once a month, once every other month…whatever works best for you! Our personalized approach allows us to truly customize each membership. See our Cost page for further details.

I am interested in finding out some of the book titles that you pick for babies. Can you please name a few? I think that you may want to include a sample list on your site so people know what to expect.

Part of the reason there isn’t a sample list is because each membership is geared for the individual child and family. Some people may wish to build a long lasting library for a baby, with books going up into the chapter book length. Some people want only classics sent, and some people want only age appropriate books. So what would make sense to one person wouldn’t necessarily work for someone else. A list for a core library for a baby would include:

  • Goodnight Moon
  • Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See?
  • Time for Bed
  • Caps for Sale
  • The Very Hungry Caterpillar
  • Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes

These are just the first six books you’d expect to see in a baby’s library. After these, there are some spectacular books we’d love to see you include. Those are the ones we would send.

My older child wants to pick her own books, what can you do to accommodate us?

We’re always happy to honor special requests. So, in essence, your child can pick her own books. Any book she sees at the library, book store, school, a friend’s house, you name it, we can get it for her. Additionally, we assume the Book Club isn’t your child’s only source of reading material! She’s likely to be selecting books on her own at the library and the book store. The SBCBC is special in that we send wonderful, unusual books members and their families aren’t likely to discover on their own. We’ll send books that we know will interest her, and that we think she probably missed on her last trip to her favorite bookstore.

You don't say how to cancel the book club if your child becomes uninterested. Can you tell me how I might do this? I am thinking of enrolling, but don't want to get caught in a year-long deal if my child isn't happy.

There is no contract with CBC You start when you wish and end when you wish. To enroll in CBC you can either fill in the on-line form and e-mail it to us, or call us toll-free at 1-888-742-3207. You cancel the same way; just let us know. We are actual human beings here, so you can actually talk to us. The great thing about our book club is that the books are chosen for each child in the book club individually, we do not do mass mailings. By the same token, each membership exists individually, so if you wish to start and send books monthly, you can do that, or decide to do six months in succession, or every other month. We can gear it to your preferences. And you can cancel anytime you are not absolutely pleased. I think you will find though, that the books we send out are of extremely high quality.

Book Returns

We want our members to be completely thrilled by every selection they receive. So any book can be returned to us for any reason. That’s right, for any reason! So if you receive a book and it just doesn’t look good, send it back. Or if you read the book and it just wasn’t for you, send it back. We’ll be happy to send you a replacement, credit your SBCBC account or, if applicable, credit your credit card.

If you already own or have read the book, or if it just wasn’t for you, you can return the book by whatever means is most convenient for you. The Postal Services Book Rate is inexpensive and reliable—more information can be found at We do ask that the books be safely and securely packed for their return journey. If you’re not using the original envelope, be sure to tuck the book(s) into a plastic bag (a grocery bag is fine) before packaging them. This will help prevent any water damage. Be sure to include the name of the child to whom the book was sent, and whether you’d like a replacement or for your card to be credited. Returned selections can be sent to:

The Stuart Brent Children’s Book Club
1073 Gage St.
Winnetka, IL 60093

As hard as we try to avoid it, we occasionally send a member a book we’ve sent them in the past. If this is the case, we will take care of any return shipping. Just give us a call or send us an email and we’ll arrange to have the appropriate carrier pick up the book from your home.

In either case, please do not affix the postage-paid reply card which accompanied the book to the package and return the book that way. This is against post office regulations, and the books may not get to us.

If you have any further questions or comments, please drop us a line.