It’s easy to buy a book. It’s not so easy to find the time to read the book. With a membership in The Stuart Brent Children’s Book Club, you’ll be sure that the books you receive are worth the time, the energy, and the investment you put into them.

A Service Like No Other

  • We custom-select a book for each child—one that matches the child’s interests and reading level.
  • We gift wrap the book and emblazon the package with our custom made personalized stickers.
  • We ship all packages directly to the Reader, unless instructed otherwise.
  • Each selection includes a copy of The Book Club Gazette, our fun and informative monthly newsletter.
  • We like to surprise our Readers with occasional “Lucky Extras” on the top of their packages.  Check out our blog entry on CBC Documents for more information about Lucky Extras.
  • Every once in a while we do “Free Book Month”.  In those months, we throw in an extra wonderful, handpicked book absolutely free.
  • If a family wishes to return a book for any reason, just send the book back to us, and we will arrange for a refund, a credit to your sponsor’s account, or send a replacement.  See the Returns page for more information.
  • As wonderful as technology is, conversation is best!  Call us any time to discuss your Reader’s interests and abilities.  We love to hear from you!  Our toll free number is 888-742-3207.  Or drop us a line.

Membership Benefits

In addition to the pleasure of the book itself, each member becomes a part of our community of readers, with all the benefits that come with it.

  • Each selection arrives giftwrapped, with the member’s name emblazoned on the top.
  • A free subscription to our Book Club Gazette, our monthly newsletter filled with book reviews, book trivia, jokes, recipes, and most importantly, the members’ reviews of the books they are reading.

These are tangible benefits. Perhaps most importantly, we hear over and over how a membership in The Stuart Brent Children’s Book Club encourages children of all ages and reading levels, with completely diverse interests, to love books and reading.

How does reading really benefit a child? There is something important beyond the ability to read a bus schedule or directions. Probably the most difficult task of parenthood is helping a child to find meaning in his or her life. A child begins to find meaning as he begins to understand himself. This can happen through reading. In reading, a child can live the experiences of others, people in far flung places and times. Those precious moments of living, feeling another person’s life is an important step in the development of self understanding, and self understanding is the beginning of understanding others. All children are essentially self centered. Helping them reach out from these narrow confines begins the process of becoming complete human beings. Reading can be the starting point to gain the spirit and joy of being fully alive and joined in the world. Click here for more on what reading and The Stuart Brent Children’s Book Club can do for you.