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There Are Few Things In Life More Satisfying Than Snuggling Up With A Young Child And A Good Book.

So much is shared during those precious moments when you and your favorite Reader(s) are all comfortable and snuggled up-  love, comfort, joy, and dare I say it? Confidence and knowledge.

The world is challenging.  For children as much as adults. It’s wonderful and exciting and dangerous and puzzling, and some days a child can cope with the challenges, and other days not so much.

Every parent or caregiver knows that one of their primary jobs is to interpret the world for the little one.  You show, you explain, explain again, and then you explain again.

When you’re reading to a little one, you and the child have the opportunity to experience the world and its challenges safely, through the story.  It’s really extraordinary, when you come to think of it. The one step remove of the story from real life provides a vital space for understanding and reassurance.  Say for instance, a child is having a hard time with the other kids at daycare or school. A story about a little mouse who is having similar difficulties may demonstrate strategies to help.  Or, if a child is feeling troubled by the arrival of a new sibling, it’s reassuring to read about a dog who resents the new puppy. It’s much easier for the child to think- I don’t feel that way.  That might be embarrassing.  But I can understand why the little mouse feels like that.  It’s the time spent reading together, sharing the story, experiencing the ups and downs together, that convinces the child that he is not alone.  His problems can be understood. You are with him.

Best of all, it’s not always serious.  It’s so great to share a laugh! It’s a bonding experience when both adult and child rejoice with the success of a character, when both adult and child hold their breath together as the story gets really exciting, and then sigh with relief together at the happy resolution.  

Through these experiences, a child gains confidence that no matter how complicated the world seems, it  CAN be understood. This trusted adult knows how to navigate the complexities of life, and is there to help, to direct, and to share.

But how to find the great books that allow this kind of experience?

This is where The Stuart Brent Children’s Book Club can help. We will send books to  give life and meaning to your “reading adventure” with your child. We help you locate the important baby and toddler books to add to your child’s library. Moms, Dads, Grandparents, Godparents, Special Adults – we”ll make you a constant presence in your special child’s life. With Stuart Brent, your baby or toddler will receive a wonderful book from you, beautifully gift wrapped and personalized with his/her name emblazoned on the top, to be read again and again. Even if you are miles away, you can be felt as if you were there. In those treasured moments of reading and sharing, you’ll be remembered, because that fabulous book came from you.

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Whether you want to welcome a new baby, keep in touch with a grandchild or young relative who lives faraway, or encourage your own child to read more books, the Stuart Brent Children’s Book Club is a great way to share great books with someone you care about.

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