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Book Club for Early Readers

The excitement of watching young minds blossoming into reading is truly marvelous.  It’s so important to be sure that the books you’re putting in their hands are books of wonder.  Fiction and non-fiction alike, compelling writing, beautiful illustrations, are essential. We’ll help you put them into your special young Reader’s hands.

Watching a young mind blossom into reading is a genuine marvel.  Seeing the puzzle unfold, and the intensity of children’s interest in the world and the way it works, is one of the great pleasures of life.  Here at Stuart Brent, we LOVE the Early readers. We have a deep selection of books in fiction and also in non fiction; let us not ignore non fiction! that it is often hard to pick!   So many kids want to know about machines, and animals, science, history, and the way other kids live around the world, that we have built a collection second to none.

Early reading is widely variable, however, so it’s especially important for us to have accurate information about where your Reader is in the spectrum.  To that end, we send out a physical Spiffy Questionnaire with the first shipment. We also have an online version of the Spiffy Questionnaire available in the parent accounts.  You can let us know if you prefer books your Reader can read him or herself, or some of our spectacular Read Alouds (really- these are some of our favorite books), or if you would like to mix it up.  

We can’t wait to hear from you!  Go Readers!!

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Whether you want to welcome a new baby, keep in touch with a grandchild or young relative who lives faraway, or encourage your own child to read more books, the Stuart Brent Children’s Book Club is a great way to share great books with someone you care about.

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