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Book Club for Gifted Readers

A Lucky Few Parents Face A Special Challenge With Their Children: Finding Books For Young, Very Capable Readers.

What an absolutely fantastic problem to have!  

Imagine!  It’s so exciting to watch young minds develop, and even more so when they seem to  be on overdrive- seeking and grasping ever more complicated concepts. We’ve been finding superb literature for kids like this for years.  People come to us all the time, saying, this young person has read everything, are you sure you can find something new?  To which we answer, it’s our mission to find something new!  

Realistically, it’s pretty much impossible to read everything.  We’ve been trying for years, and we’re professionals. Our efforts have paid off though. It’s because of those years of reading that we have developed such a deep trove of wonderful books just waiting to be loved by your Reader.  You've gone through the usual Harry Potter, Chronicles of Narnia,etc. and you want more.  You’re looking for books of wonder. Books with multiple layers of meaning, with a richly imagined world and a sophisticated writing style to go along with it.  We’ve got ‘em.

However!  While it is certainly possible to enroll your Gifted Reader online, we would encourage you or the adults closest to call the Book Club for a chat.  The more we know about your Reader, the better job we can do for you. If you haven’t got time, or you’re not the person who knows all the ins, the outs, and the whathaveyous, have no fear!  If we have a question, we’ll follow up! Be prepared, though. Our methods of communication are pretty unorthodox. Kids have gotten messages from us in:

Cupcakes (not real, but very cute)

Rockets (again, not real.  Real would be dangerous).

Messages in Bottles (we send these all the time from our perch here in the Land of Wonder)

Alien spaceships (some of them have actual tiny aliens in them.  At least they look like aliens)

Or Via Bug- a message held in the claws of a butterfly or insect

And loads of other ways.  For more information about our messaging and ways to charm our Readers, check out the Lucky Extras page.

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Whether you want to welcome a new baby, keep in touch with a grandchild or young relative who lives faraway, or encourage your own child to read more books, the Stuart Brent Children’s Book Club is a great way to share great books with someone you care about. * Image shows bookclub "GIFT BOX Add-on", which is a great way to celebrate a birthday or holiday!

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