Middle Readers

Book Club for Middle Readers

Now what?? How can you possibly find a kid's book that good again? Narnia? Middle Earth? You know all these children's books, but there must be more. How to find them?

Here at Stuart Brent, we’ve got more great books up our sleeves than we know what to do with.  

We get it.  We’ve been weeding through millions of books for years.  It’s a treasure hunt to find the great ones, a hunt that never ends, with bounty all along the way.  

Once we get to know you and your Reader, we try to match your Reader’s interests and abilities with pearls from our hoard of books.  Then we present them to that adorable whippersnapper as a special gift, beautifully wrapped and personalized with their name on the package.

We have years and years of finding books for all kinds of Readers.  Whether you have a Good Reader, a Gifted Reader, or a Reluctant Reader, we’ve got tried and true books ready to be loved.  

To help us get to know your Reader, you can fill out our online Spiffy Questionnaire, or you can call the Book Club toll free 888-742-3207 to discuss your personal preferences.  We love to chat about books!

How many people do you know whose eyes light up when they remember a book they read in childhood? So many. Perhaps even you. There is something about books loved in childhood that enshrines them in memory forever. It's that joy, that deeply satisfying joy that you want to share with the children in your life.

At SBCBC we call it "Passing on Your Passion". You love to read. You know how important a great book is when you need it; the inexplicable power of a book to change your life. Introduce those special children in your life to that marvelous experience. The SBCBC seeks to find books of intrinsic value and match them to the children who will love them.

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Whether you want to welcome a new baby, keep in touch with a grandchild or young relative who lives faraway, or encourage your own child to read more books, the Stuart Brent Children’s Book Club is a great way to share great books with someone you care about.

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