Reading Levels

We have all sorts of readers here at Stuart Brent. Babies, toddlers, kids just learning to read, amazingly gifted young readers, kids with disabilities, reluctant readers, tweens, even teens with attitudes!

With a membership in the Stuart Brent Children’s Book Club, you can be sure that the books you receive are worth the time, the energy, and the investment you put into them. In addition to the pleasure of the book itself, each member joins our Community of Readers, with all the benefits that come with it.

Babies and Toddlers

People often ask if a baby is too young to be included in the Stuart Brent children’s Book Club. We think babyhood is when it really counts.

Middle Grade Readers

To everyone’s awe and amazement, that sharp little eight, nine, or ten year old in your life has blasted through all the Harry Potters in record time. Now what?

Teen Readers

Against all odds, you know a teen who actually likes to read! But what? Here at Stuart Brent, we specialize in finding great books for young adults.

Gifted Readers

A lucky few parents face a special challenge with their children: finding books for every young, very capable readers. The Stuart Brent Children’s Book Club has years of experience finding books for these exciting little minds.