The Gifted Reader’s Program

A lucky few parents face a special challenge with their children: finding books for very young, very capable readers. The Stuart Brent Children’s Book Club has years of experience finding books for these exciting little minds. As with the regular Stuart Brent Children’s Book Club, we consider each child individually, based on information gleaned from the sponsors, parents, and the children themselves. Then we put it together with our vast experience in the children’s book world, and we come up with consistently interesting, unusual selections, tailored to your special child’s interests and abilities.

The Stuart Brent Children’s Book Club would NOT recommend enrolling your very excellent eight, nine, ten, eleven year old reader in the Young Adult section of the book club. It isn’t that we don’t think your child can read the books; in fact, we are sure that they can. The problem is simply content. What you want your child reading are books of wonder. You are looking for books with multiple layers of meaning, with a richly imagined world, and a sophisticated vocabulary to go along with it. You’ve gone through the usual Chronicles of Narnia, Harry Potter books, Beverly Cleary books, and you want more. We’ve got ’em.

To enroll in the Gifted Readers program, just click the Gifted Reader option on the enrollment form. We would encourage you to call us however. The more we know about your child, the better job we can do for you. We have a toll free number 888-742-3207, or you can email us at, but conversation is really best. We have our crack team of experienced booksellers ready to help you, or you can just ask for Amy.